If here courtesy of Bitbucket, check out the nice docs hosted at: legacy_ctlcode

This project is in legacy mode, and is no longer actively developed or maintained, but feel free to download and submit contributions to the codebase, documentation, etc.

This was one of my first semi-proper packages, and thus doesn’t have all the neat modern R package conventions that have since become standard (thanks Hadley!). The reason for its deprecation is that, I realized no one package can be a one-stop shop, and while useful for some things, it was very project specific, and needed more focus and better design to keep from being just a jumble of functions.

But alas, since I documented it nicely, some of the code might be useful for people, so feel free to hack away!


To install the legacy_ctlcode package, simply run the following code in R:


Or navigate to the Downloads section to directly download a .tar.gz file or inspect the source code.